Top 10 Virtual Instruments of 2017 (VSTi/AU)

What are the top VSTi (VST Instruments) and AU instruments that pack the most sonic punch in 2017?

Here are our top ten virtual instruments we find ourselves using lately, in ascending order:

  1. UVI Falcon (Our main workhorse lately, with so many types of synthesis!)
  2. Xfer Serum
  3. Reveal Sound Spire
  4. KV331 SynthMaster
  5. Spectrasonics Omnisphere
  6. Arturia Analog Lab (yes, we know, there are many synths inside here, but you can load them all as one, and even layer them!)
  7. Korg MonoPoly
  8. NI Massive
  9. NI Kontakt (with the huge array of libraries for it)
  10. NI Reaktor (Monark, Form, Rounds, Polyplex, Blocks, etc.)

    Runners Up

  11. NI FM8
  12. Korg MS-20
  13. Camel Audio Alchemy
  14. NI Absynth
  15. NI Battery
  16. Korg Poly 6
  17. iZotope Breaktweaker
  18. iZotope Iris
  19. Korg Lexington

I suppose you could say these are our “desert island” VST instruments. Music Radar does a yearly poll to see what’s at the top synths of it’s readers lists. SynthMaster fell at the top of that list most recently, which we think is well deserved. Splice has it’s own list. What are the VSTis that get used most in your collection? Drop a comment.

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