PHAT MATH Patch List Now Available

A Uniphonic customer, Brian Nottingham, was so impressed by the PHAT MATH Refill, that he decided to make his own patch list, with descriptions! The good news to you is, that he decided, “as a thank you”, to give it to me to share with all the users.

Brian said he absolutely loves the PHAT MATH Refill. He even sent me a little testimonial:

“Phat Math by Uniphonic is my ‘desert island’ choice if I were allowed to have and use only one soundbank for Reason. I have never heard such amazing diversity and quality coming out of my beloved Reason Rack!” Brian Nottingham, Akron Ohio.

You can download:

The PHAT MATH patch list PDF with descriptions


The PHAT Math patch list with blank descriptions so you can fill in your own.

If you don’t have the PHAT MATH Refill, now is your chance to buy and download it in the AccelerMedia Sound Store.

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