[2023] How Much is the Diva Plugin? Uncovering the Price and Value

How much is the diva plugin? Uniphonic

Are you a music producer or sound designer looking to add a powerful and versatile virtual analog synth to your arsenal? Look no further than the Diva plugin! In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive into the world of Diva and answer the burning question, "How much is the Diva plugin?" We'll also explore the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of this popular software synth. So, let's get started!

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Quick Answer

The Diva plugin, a virtual analog synth, is priced at $179. It offers a wide range of features, including authentic analog sound and flexible modulation options. If you're looking to add a powerful synth plugin to your collection, the Diva plugin is definitely worth considering. Check price on u-he's official website

Quick Tips and Facts

  • The Diva plugin is known for its accurate emulation of classic analog synths.
  • It offers a variety of oscillator models, filter types, and modulation options.
  • Diva is compatible with major DAWs and supports both Windows and macOS.
  • The plugin provides a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls.
  • It has been used by renowned musicians and producers in countless hit records.

What is the Diva Plugin?

The Diva plugin is a virtual analog synthesizer developed by u-he, a renowned software company specializing in high-quality audio plugins. It is designed to recreate the sound and behavior of classic analog synths, providing musicians and producers with a versatile and powerful tool for creating rich and organic sounds.

Diva stands for "Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analogue," which perfectly captures its purpose of emulating the vintage analog sound. Whether you're after fat basslines, soaring leads, or lush pads, Diva delivers with its accurate modeling of oscillators, filters, and other essential components of classic synths.

How Much Does the Diva Plugin Cost?

The Diva plugin is available for purchase on the u-he website for $179. This price includes both the VST and AU versions of the plugin, as well as free updates and support. It's important to note that the price may vary depending on any discounts or promotions available at the time of purchase.

While $179 may seem like a significant investment, it's important to consider the value and versatility that the Diva plugin offers. Its authentic analog sound and extensive sound-shaping capabilities make it a worthwhile addition to any music production setup.

Why Should You Consider the Diva Plugin?

When it comes to virtual analog synths, the Diva plugin truly stands out for several reasons:

  1. Authentic Analog Sound: Diva's meticulous emulation of classic analog synths ensures that you get the warmth, depth, and character of vintage hardware instruments right in your DAW.

  2. Versatile Oscillator Models: Diva offers a selection of oscillator models, including various analog and digital waveforms. This allows you to experiment with different timbres and create a wide range of sounds.

  3. Flexible Filters: With Diva, you can choose from multiple filter types, such as low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and more. The filters accurately replicate the behavior of their hardware counterparts, giving you precise control over your sound.

  4. Intuitive Interface: The Diva plugin features a user-friendly interface that resembles the look and feel of classic hardware synths. Its intuitive controls make it easy to navigate and shape your sounds with precision.

  5. Modulation Options: Diva offers a comprehensive modulation matrix, allowing you to modulate various parameters with ease. This opens up endless possibilities for creating evolving and dynamic sounds.

  6. Compatibility and Support: Diva is compatible with major DAWs, including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and FL Studio. It supports both Windows and macOS, ensuring that you can integrate it seamlessly into your existing workflow.

While the Diva plugin certainly has its strengths, it's important to consider a few potential drawbacks:

  • CPU Intensive: Due to its high-quality sound engine and detailed emulation, Diva can be demanding on your computer's CPU. Make sure you have a powerful computer system to handle its processing requirements.

  • Price: The Diva plugin comes with a price tag of $179, which may be a significant investment for some musicians and producers. However, the value it offers in terms of sound quality and versatility can justify the cost for many.

Considering the features, sound quality, and versatility of the Diva plugin, it's clear that it's a powerful tool for any music producer or sound designer looking to add analog warmth and character to their productions.

Is Diva Synth Worth It?

Absolutely! The Diva plugin is worth every penny for musicians, producers, and sound designers who prioritize authentic analog sound and versatility in their productions. Its accurate emulation of classic analog synths, versatile oscillator models, flexible filters, and intuitive interface make it a powerful tool for crafting rich and organic sounds. Don't just take our word for it, though, here's what some users have to say:

"The Diva plugin is hands down the best virtual analog synth I've ever used. The sound is incredibly warm and vibrant, and the attention to detail in the emulation is mind-blowing." – Music Producer.

"I was blown away by the Diva plugin's versatility. From fat basslines to ethereal pads, it can do it all. It's become an essential part of my sound design toolkit." – Sound Designer.

What Synth is Diva Based On?

The Diva plugin is based on various iconic analog synthesizers from the past. u-he, the developer of Diva, has meticulously analyzed and modeled these vintage synths to recreate their unique sound and behavior. While the exact synths that Diva is based on are not disclosed, the plugin aims to capture the essence of legendary instruments like the Minimoog, Jupiter-8, and Juno-60, among others.

How Many Presets Does Diva Come With?

Diva comes with an extensive library of over 1200 presets, covering a wide range of sounds and styles. These presets are designed by professional sound designers and musicians, providing you with a great starting point for your own sonic explorations. Whether you're looking for classic analog sounds, modern leads, or experimental textures, Diva's preset library has you covered.


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Q: Can I use the Diva plugin with my DAW?

A: Yes, the Diva plugin is compatible with major DAWs, including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, and more. It can be used as a VST or AU plugin, depending on your DAW and operating system.

Q: Does Diva support Windows and macOS?

A: Yes, Diva is available for both Windows and macOS platforms. Whether you're using a PC or a Mac, you can enjoy the power and versatility of the Diva plugin.

Q: Can I use the Diva plugin in live performances?

A: Yes, the Diva plugin can be used in live performances. Its stable performance and low-latency operation make it suitable for real-time sound manipulation on stage.

Q: Is the Diva plugin compatible with MIDI controllers?

A: Absolutely! The Diva plugin can be easily controlled via MIDI. Simply connect your MIDI controller to your computer, and you'll have hands-on control over Diva's parameters.

Q: Does the Diva plugin come with customer support?

A: Yes, when you purchase the Diva plugin, you'll have access to u-he's customer support. They are known for their excellent support and timely responses to customer inquiries.


In conclusion, the Diva plugin is a top-notch virtual analog synth that offers an authentic analog sound, versatile oscillator models, flexible filters, and a user-friendly interface. With its accurate emulation of classic analog synths and extensive sound-shaping capabilities, it's a valuable tool for any music producer or sound designer. While the price may be a consideration for some, the value and quality that the Diva plugin provides make it a worthwhile investment.

So, if you're looking to add a powerful and versatile virtual analog synth to your music production setup, don't hesitate to check out the Diva plugin. It's a true gem that can elevate your sound to new heights. Happy synth-ing!

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How much is the diva plugin? Uniphonic

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