How Much Does Reason Music Cost? [2023]

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Are you ready to create your own music using Reason? Before diving into the world of music production, it's essential to understand the cost associated with using Reason software. In this comprehensive guide, we will break down the different pricing options for Reason music and help you decide which one is right for you. We'll cover everything from Reason+ subscriptions to Reason Rack Extensions. So, let's get started!

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Reason is a highly popular music production software developed by Propellerhead, now known as Reason Studios. It offers a robust set of tools and instruments for creating, recording, and mixing music. With Reason, you can produce music in various genres, from electronic to rock to hip-hop.

However, like many software products, Reason comes with a price tag. The cost of Reason depends on the type of license or subscription you choose. Let's explore the different options and their associated costs.

Reason+ Subscriptions

Reason+ is a subscription-based service offered by Reason Studios. Subscribing to Reason+ gives you access to a vast collection of instruments, effects, and sounds, along with regular updates and new releases. It's a convenient option for musicians who want to stay up-to-date with the latest features and expand their creative options.

Reason+ Pricing

Reason+ subscriptions are available in monthly and annual plans. The current pricing for Reason+ is as follows:

  • Monthly Plan: $19.99/month
  • Annual Plan: $199/year

By opting for the annual plan, you can save almost 17% compared to the monthly plan.

Pros of Reason+ Subscriptions:

  • Regular updates: Subscribing to Reason+ ensures you always have access to the latest features and improvements.
  • Expansive content library: Reason+ gives you access to a wide range of instruments, effects, and sounds, allowing you to explore different genres and styles.
  • Lower upfront cost: With a subscription model, you can start using Reason without a significant initial investment.

Cons of Reason+ Subscriptions:

  • Ongoing cost: Subscriptions require a recurring payment, which may not be ideal for everyone.
  • Dependency on subscription: If you decide to cancel your subscription, you will lose access to the Reason+ features and content.

Reason+ for Students

Students can take advantage of Reason Studios' special pricing for educational purposes. With a valid student ID, you can purchase Reason+ at a discounted rate:

  • Reason+ for Students: $9.99/month

Reason+ Trial Period

Curious about Reason+ but not quite ready to commit? Reason Studios offers a 30-day trial for Reason+. It's a great opportunity to explore all the features and decide if the subscription is right for you.

Reason Rack Extensions

Reason Rack Extensions are additional plugins and instruments that can be added to the Reason software. These extensions, developed by both Reason Studios and third-party developers, enhance the functionality and expand the sonic possibilities of Reason.

The cost of Reason Rack Extensions varies depending on the specific extension and the developer. Some Rack Extensions are available for free, while others may require a one-time purchase.

To browse through the extensive library of Reason Rack Extensions, you can visit the Reason Studios Shop.

Pros of Reason Rack Extensions:

  • Customization: Rack Extensions allow you to personalize your Reason setup by adding specific instruments and effects that suit your musical style.
  • Third-party options: Third-party developers create Rack Extensions, bringing a diverse and ever-growing selection of plugins to Reason.
  • Specific features: Rack Extensions can add niche and specialized features to Reason, catering to specific needs and preferences.

Cons of Reason Rack Extensions:

  • Additional cost: Purchasing Rack Extensions can increase the overall price of using Reason.
  • Compatibility concerns: Not all Rack Extensions are compatible with every version of Reason, so it's important to check compatibility before making a purchase decision.

Reason Lite

Reason Lite is a scaled-down version of Reason that provides a simplified but still powerful music production experience. It's a perfect choice for beginners or musicians who want an affordable entry point into the world of Reason.

Reason Lite is often bundled with audio interfaces, MIDI controllers, or other hardware devices. Check if your device includes Reason Lite as part of its package.

Pros of Reason Lite:

  • Affordability: Reason Lite offers a more budget-friendly option compared to the full version of Reason.
  • Ease of use: With a simplified interface and feature set, Reason Lite is beginner-friendly, allowing users to start creating music quickly.
  • Upgradability: If you decide to upgrade to the full version of Reason in the future, Reason Lite allows seamless transfer of projects, making the transition smooth.

Cons of Reason Lite:

  • Limited features: Reason Lite does not include the full range of instruments and effects available in the full version of Reason.
  • May outgrow: As your music production skills grow, you may find Reason Lite's limitations restrictive, requiring an upgrade to the full version.

Reason Upgrades

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If you already own an older version of Reason, you can upgrade to the latest version to enjoy new features and enhancements. Reason Studios offers upgrade options for both Reason and Reason Lite users.

The upgrade pricing varies depending on the specific version you are upgrading from. To explore the upgrade options available, visit the Upgrade page on the Reason Studios website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Reason cost money?

Yes, Reason music software comes with a price tag. The cost depends on the type of license or subscription you choose. Reason+ subscriptions, Reason Rack Extensions, Reason Lite, and upgrades all have their respective costs.

How much does Reason Rack cost?

The price of Reason Rack Extensions varies depending on the specific extension and the developer. Some Rack Extensions are available for free, while others require a one-time purchase. Visit the Reason Studios Shop to explore the extensive selection of Rack Extensions.

How can I get Reason 10 for free?

Reason 10 is a paid version of the software, and it cannot be obtained for free legally. Beware of any websites or sources claiming to offer Reason 10 for free, as these may be illegitimate and could potentially harm your computer.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • Reason+ subscriptions provide access to a vast collection of instruments, effects, and sounds, along with regular updates and new releases.
  • Reason Rack Extensions allow you to expand Reason's functionality by adding additional plugins and instruments.
  • Reason Lite offers a simplified but powerful music production experience at a more affordable price.
  • Upgrading from an older version of Reason allows you to enjoy new features and enhancements.


Now that we've explored the different pricing options for Reason music, it's time for you to decide which one suits your needs and budget. Whether you choose Reason+, Rack Extensions, or Reason Lite, each option offers its own set of benefits and caters to different types of users.

Remember, creating music is a journey, and Reason is here to accompany you every step of the way. So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and let Reason be your ultimate music production companion. Happy music-making!


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