Auditory Vortex Vol. 2 Reason Refill Released

The second volume in our Auditory Vortex series of Reason Refills has finally been released! Auditory Vortex Vol. 2 a sound set with synth patches primarily for Propellerhead Reason, but there are also some other goodies in there as well, like some 100% synthetic Kong patches.

Auditory Vortex Volume 1 was highly acclaimed, with comments such as:

“Ok this is by far the best Reason 4 synth based refill yet. There’s no competition. The sounds are useful and sounds like they’re coming out of Korg M1. Big lush perfectly balanced sounds that can be used in all sorts of music, mainly because they are MUSICAL!”

As such, Volume 2 has been highly anticipated and is packed with even more Thor synth goodness, with ultra expressive patches running a large gamut of different types of sounds, for a large variety of genres.

Please take a listen to the sound demo to get a taste for some of the patches in our new Reason Refill.

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